EWI is poised to enlighten, educate and empower the Nigerian female child to see beyond her physical beauty, embrace her inner beauty and abilities, moulding her into a #NaijaVirtuousWoman and #NaijaNobleWoman.

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Ethel Women Initiative
Ethel Women Initiative - FemPreneur
FemPreneur is an entrepreneurial, Agricultural, trade, skills acquisition and cultural reality TV show and competition birthed and organized by Ethel Women Initiative. This project is intended for the empowerment and growth of women, within the Niger Delta region.

The idea is to empower women within the Niger Delta region in the agricultural and manufacturing sector in a fun way, through a competition. It is geared towards assisting these women start-up and/or build business ideas that may never be established due to lack of funds, mentorship, fear of the unknown and/or self-negligence.

The competition will go a long way in enlightening and moulding these ladies into African house wives, Naija Virtuous and noble women, business guru’s that will help improve our economy and add value to not just their lives, but to the society and their individual homes.

A Jewish proverb quote says “What you are is God’s gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to GOD and mankind.”


Our mission is to organize a skills acquisition training and competition programme, that will not only educate, inform, empower and groom the Niger delta woman into business gurus, but to also make her a pillar and a solution to her immediate environment. Also, to groom her into a NaijaVirtuousWoman, who will reflect and showcase the rich cultural and traditional heritage of our dear country, Nigeria.

About EWI

EWI is a non-governmental organization initiated to support the Nigerian female child to realize, and appreciate her self-worth in the society.
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