EWI is poised to enlighten, educate and empower the Nigerian female child to see beyond her physical beauty, embrace her inner beauty and abilities, moulding her into a #NaijaVirtuousWoman and #NaijaNobleWoman.

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Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant is an Ethel women initiative project, that centers on preaching Peace, showcasing our roots, and empowering young maidens within the Niger Delta Region through a cultural pageant.

We want our maidens to see beyond their physical beauty and harness the skills and beauty they have within, to change the narratives and be a pillar to young females with the Niger Delta Region.

We intend to use this medium to promote peace, love, and kindness within the region, showcase our culture, values, tradition, and history that are gradually going into extinction.

Through FONDCUP, Ethel Women Initiative wants to bring our diverse and rich cultural heritage to the fore, showcase our beautiful maidens and vast tourist landscape.

Kasi Usani

Kasi Usani - FONDCUP Queen 2021/2022