EWI is poised to enlighten, educate and empower the Nigerian female child to see beyond her physical beauty, embrace her inner beauty and abilities, moulding her into a #NaijaVirtuousWoman and #NaijaNobleWoman.

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Project Cornerstone Schools & Street Teens

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Ethel Women Initiative - PCS Teens
PCS Schools and street teens’ enlightenment campaign is initiated to reach out to teenagers in the Nigerian society. Our objective is to use this medium to mould our teenagers into responsible individuals, who would become healthy pace setters, game changers and pillars in the nearest future, through our enlightenment, informative and educating programmes. Ethel Women Initiative ensures that we reach out to these teenagers whether they are in school or not and enlighten them on the importance of living responsibly and becoming strong and valuable pillars and future leaders. Our focus during this exercise, is mainly on their mannerism, healthy living, Hygiene, academic excellence, and career pursuit. Through these mediums, we would be able to assist these young ones make the right choices, live a disciplined focused and obedient life, and become good examples in the Nigerian society and their immediate environments.

A Jewish proverb quote says “What you are is God’s gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to GOD and mankind.”

About EWI

EWI is a non-governmental organization initiated to support the Nigerian female child to realize, and appreciate her self-worth in the society.
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