EWI is poised to enlighten, educate and empower the Nigerian female child to see beyond her physical beauty, embrace her inner beauty and abilities, moulding her into a #NaijaVirtuousWoman and #NaijaNobleWoman.

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Traders Soft Loan Scheme

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Traders soft loan scheme (TSS) is an Ethel Women Initiative empowerment programme that is geared towards empowering Nigerian petty traders all over the country, who are interested in improving their businesses and living above extreme poverty. This loan is given to traders in all areas, so as to help boost the nation’s economy and improve on our standard of living in Nigeria. This soft loan scheme is for women who don’t have the resources, capacity and know-how to raise funds. We shall provide them with this loan and also enlighten and guide them towards achieving their goals and dreams.

This programme is envisioned to turnaround the lives of so many Nigerian petty traders in all sphere, as we are not only interested in helping them raise funds, but in the success of their businesses, with each stride they take towards achieving their goals in becoming large scale business tycoons.


To raise successful female entrepreneurs across the nation that will help boost the Nigerian economy and improve on our standard of living.


Empowering and enlightening Nigerian women with every resource at our disposal to achieve their goals and dreams.
Ethel Women Initiative - Project Cornerstone

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About EWI

EWI is a non-governmental organization initiated to support the Nigerian female child to realize, and appreciate her self-worth in the society.
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Seminar and workshop will be organised every Month to assist each trader in areas where they have challenges, discuss their problems, progress, etc. It covers several topics including starting and scaling a business, business development, marketing strategy, effective management, product design etc.

Our model provides a credible technology-enabled platform for access to world-class mentors from across Nigeria and even those in the Diaspora. These mentors have faced similar challenges and are able to steer our start-ups and existing traders on a successful path.

A bespoke compendium of materials, case studies, videos, tasks, success stories, online chat room, templates and interesting articles. This will include our seminar and workshop series, shared concurrently. It expounds the core business values of the TSS objectives, with an aim to building the right character in these entrepreneurs.

Country and state-level meet up to ignite the entrepreneurial fire and promote close interaction within the programme. These selections facilitate personal exchanges, formation of strong ties with one another and with local hubs and key government agencies.

A dedicated world-class annual Forum that brings together key persons in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with an aim to leverage our convening powers to promote Nigerian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; and to connect with local and regional decision makers within the country.

Each entrepreneur receives a soft loan, starting from #50,000 and pays back within a period of six (6) Months with very low interest rate of 10% in that six (6) Months. Our aim is to support early growth, proof-of-concept and/or enhance their business operation. This loan is tied to clear milestones in a well-articulated and relevant business plan of these petty traders.

The alumni network comprises of all TSS petty traders and Entrepreneurs, following the successful completion of our seminar and workshop programme. The online and offline network promotes sector-based and geography-based communities, collaboration across Nigeria as well as a healthy competition and information sharing.

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To apply, read and understand our Terms and Conditions, Eligibility, Criteria, Rules, and Regulations.