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TSS Application Form

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Terms And Conditions

  1. TSS chooses the traders to give our loan to, on the basis of eligibility and selection criteria. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they have understood these criteria. They are spelled out in this application form below and on the TSS online platform for all applicants’ perusal.
  2. Not everyone can be given this loan. Please think about your application carefully, take note of the general eligibility criteria and the specific selection criteria applicable to the window you are applying under, and demonstrate clearly why you need our support for your business.
  3. TSS will acknowledge receipt of all applications received and provide standard letters of acceptance or rejection to all applicants.
  4. TSS’ decision in granting this loan to qualified participants in this exercise is final.
  5. Applicants who attempt to influence the selection process through offering or giving bribes or any other unethical means will not only be disqualified but also subject to prosecution by relevant authorities. Applicants should also report with proof, any TSS or Ethel Women Initiative’s staff, consultant, or official who demands bribes or any form of compensation to influence selection.
  6. TSS agrees to regard as confidential all information related to the application and Subsequent progress of the project that is not in the public domain. Only TSS authorized coordinators, its staff and consultants, members of the TSS Selection Committees, and officials of The Ethel Women Initiative will have access to your application without your prior permission.
  7. TSS is not obliged to make any awards under any given competition.
  8. TSS accepts applications in English only.


The following category of persons are eligible to access this loan; Petty Traders, Graduates, Serving Youth Corp members, final year students in any higher Institution within Nigeria, School dropout with dreams, youths with minimum of Secondary School certificate or any certificate of freedom from apprenticeship from any organisation or training centre within Nigeria. Participants must be determined to succeed.


All applications will be accessed on the following basic and important criteria:

  • Feasibility of the business idea.
  • Market Opportunity: knowledge and understanding of the market, customers and competitors for their idea/business.
  • Financial Understanding: understanding of the basic financial requirements of running a business, costs and revenues.
  • Scalability: Demonstrates potential for replication and growth of their product or service to create jobs and wealth.
  • Leadership Potential and Entrepreneurial Skills: Demonstrate leadership potential, capable of attracting people, customers and resources.

Fill all required information in this form fully and correctly. Make sure your responses are legible. You will automatically be disqualified from accessing this loan if it is discovered that you deliberately withhold relevant information.

Read carefully the section below before completing this registration form and be sure to provide a valid means of identification upon submission.

Rules and Regulations

  • All members MUST be registered with the EWI traders’ soft loan platform with the compulsory sum of ₦2,000 NGN before they can access our loans.
  • Members MUST make contributions 2 times every Month so as to meet up with their loan payment within 6 Months.
  • Any member who fails to meet up with this contribution method will be blacklisted from our loan scheme.
  • All anchor borrowers MUST be card carrying members of Ethel Women Initiative’s traders’ loan scheme platform.
  • Every member of the platform is expected to make a monthly contribution of 1500naira each, for our end of year party and personal savings.
  • Every coordinator MUST make sure meetings are held monthly in their various units. The purpose of this meeting shall be to discuss the challenges each trader faces in businesses and how we can assist one another.
  • This platform is strictly for petty traders, MSMEs and SMEs. We don’t give loan to big companies and cooperate with organizations.
  • I’m aware that TSS will consider the information I will supply in this document for the purpose of considering me as a beneficiary of the TSS loan.
  • I will provide accurate information and will not mislead or attempt to mislead the TSS officials in any way about my identity, qualification, personal and other information required in this form and during this exercise.
  • If any information I provide in this application form is found to be false, TSS officials and panel of judges are authorized to exclude me as a beneficiary of this loan facility.
  • If I am shortlisted, I also agree to authorize TSS officials to conduct a background check in order to verify any of the information I will supply in this registration form.
  • All decisions by TSS concerning the selection of participants and beneficiaries of this soft loan are final and no reasons will be given. I agree not to challenge or appeal against these decisions.
  • I agree that there will be no refund of my registration fee, if I am not shortlisted as a beneficiary of the TSS loan facility, and I shall not make a fuss about it with the TSS or anyone else associated with this programme.
  • I agree that am a legal resident of Nigeria (You must be a legal resident of the federal republic of Nigeria to participate in this programme)


  • Yes, I have read and accepted TSS’ General Terms and Conditions.
  • Yes, I hereby certify that I am a Nigerian resident.
  • I hereby certify that my business does not engage in the sales, production or distribution of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or/and gambling, or any activities in contradiction with the Nigerian constitution.

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